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Zalman VGA Cooler VF700-Cu LED, Pure Copper, w/ Eight RAM Heatsinks and; Blue LED

Manufacturer : Zalman
MFG Model # VF700-CU LED
Winotek # COL-ZMVF700CU

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Typical ETA : 1-2 Business Days


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Are you trying to squeeze a few extra frames per second out of your high end video card, but are scared of overheating your GPU? Then the Zalman VF700-CU LED can help subdue your fears. Constructed completely of pure solid copper, the base and fins of the VF700-CU LED efficiently draw heat away from your GPU and dissipate it into the air. A bracket mounted 80mm fan means no screw holes drilled into the copper base to distort the heat transfer operation. The fan itself uses 11 fins instead of the standard 7 which allows it to move more air with less noise at a lower speed. So get solid pure copper cooling for your high performance video card with snazzy blue LED lighting from the VF700-CU LED by Zalman, who could ask for more?

  • Generates very little noise or vibration in Silent Mode
  • Pure copper base material ensures excellent heat dissipation
  • Fan not only cools GPU chipset, but also VGA RAM and card components
  • Includes BGA RAM heatsinks
  • 11 blade fan moves more air at lower speed and noise
Video Cards Supported
  • Base: Pure Copper
  • Bearing Type: 2 Ball-Bearing
  • Speed: 1,350 ~ 2,650rpm ± 10%
  • Noise Level: 18.5 ~ 28.5dBA ± 10%
  • Dimensions: 91(L) x 126.4(W) x 30(H) mm
  • Weight: 270g
Included Items
  • Heatsink Assembly (VF700-Cu LED)
  • Eight RAM Heatsinks
  • One Brace Plate
  • Two Nipple A
  • Two Nipple B
  • Four Bolt A
  • Four Bolt B
  • Six Rubber Rings
  • Thermal Grease
  • User's Manual
  • One Multi-Connector
Warranty Period
• MFG : 1 Year
• Winotek : 1 Year
• Return : 20 Days

Warranty Information

- Repair or Replacement

Service Time:
- 3-5 Weeks